The Road to Freedom: Making the Word your Home

Jesus said:

“If you make the Word of God your home, you will come to know the truth – and the truth will set you free”.

He also said:

“Blessed are those who hear the Word of God and keepit” 

(like the shepherds in Bethlehem kept guard over their sheep.)

He also said:

“My mother and brothers are those who hear the Word of God and put it into practice”.

The Church has always taught that the Bible is the inspired Word of God.

Would you like to develop a practical approach to reading the complete Bible?

Would you like to find daily spiritual nourishment through reading the Gospels and Psalms in a systematic way? 

Are you interested in learning about an approach to reflecting with others on passages of Scripture relevant to the liturgical seasons of the Christian year; and in learning from the example of great pastors about how to meditate on the Word of God, that is – how that is to “make the Word of God yo

ur home”.

Over the years such approaches have been developed in HOD Community.

Come and See, and find an approach that is relevant to your own individual walk with the Lord.

  1. Living with Pentecost – 26th May 2018
  2. Preparing for the Coming of the Messiah – 3rd November 2018

The Bible Study Sessions will be led by Tom Gorman MA(Oxon), Ph.D. Tom taught Literature and Applied Linguistics in universities in Africa, the United States and England before becoming a Departmental Head at the National Foundation for Educational Research in Slough. While there he encountered the House of the Open Door Community which he and his family joined in 1982. 

All days will be from 10am – 4pm, and the suggested contribution is £25 per person, which will include refreshments and lunch.

For booking details please contact us by email or phone – see Contact Us