1989: Childswickham House

“Widen the space of your tent…” (Isaiah 54:2)

Having turned the ramshackle house of 1978 into a fairly respectable home, we believed that we would live and die in Slough, but God used a very persistent property developer to move us out of the town life of Slough, into Childswickham in the Cotswolds. So in December 1989, two days before Christmas, we moved into Childswickham House, again accompanied by a miracle or two along the way. It seemed a purpose-built place, as if God had been preparing it for us: a 60-acre farm, gardens and a complex of buildings with space enough for a Community home and Retreat Centre. God made it clear from the very start that this was a place to be shared with His people for their refreshment and peace.

During the first years at Childswickham, the first seeds of ministries sown back in Slough flourished. The“Eagle’s Wings” music and drama team began to travel abroad each year, and to be invited to conferences and schools in England, and started running the summer conferences for young people here at HOD. Visits to fourlocal prisons began. The Friday fellowship prayer and praise meeting which started in the basement of the old Slough house continued.

Childswickham HouseThe pottery output increased in quantity and variety, and developed into a tool for teaching and outreach, as well as being a source of relaxation and enjoyment for visitors. The Retreat Centre in the early years began to draw more and more guests. The discipleship training course developed and became the Crossroads Community in 1998. Links made abroad meant that we had a steady influx of visitors from many European countries.