Prison MinistryWe take Sunday services in five prisons regularly, all sited within fifty miles of HOD: Long Lartin maximum security prison, the local prisons in Gloucester and Bristol; the Women’s prison at Eastwood Park, and the Open prison at Leyhill. We do what the prison chaplains ask us to do, and this usually involves preaching, testimony, prayer, and music ministry.

We have come to know many prisoners whose faith is strong and unshakeable, but in the Local prisons the majority of men are not churchgoers and have never heard the gospel. So we tell how Jesus bore our sins in his body on the cross, so that free from sins, we might live for righteousness. With the Chaplain’s agreement, we ask the prisoners to respond to the message of the gospel, and many do. On one memorable occasion on Pentecost Sunday in 2007, all the men and the officers in the full chapel at Gloucester prison responded to our invitation to be reconciled to God.

The ministry in prison is sustained by prayer and intercession.

Prison Fellowship

Prison Fellowship is an international interdenominational fellowship that supports prisoners and prison chaplains through prayer and a network of volunteers. Most prisons in England have an associated PF group.

HOD made contact with the Fellowship in 1990 when we started to be involved in services at Long Lartin maximum security prison. As well as having a commitment to pray for the prison, the group organises the Angel Tree programme which provides Christmas gifts for the children of inmates using funds donated by local christians.

The Long Lartin PF group meets at HOD on one Saturday each month between 11 and 12.30.  For more information contact John Marriott, the Group Leader

Contact us

If you want to support us in prayer or to know more about our activities in prisons contact Tom or Kevin on our prison email address.