New Blog and Social Media

Welcome to HOD’s new Blog and Social Media!

The new blog will be the latest way we will stay in contact regularly with all of our supporters and friends. 

The main purpose of the Blog will be to post regular updates to help paint a picture as effectively as we can of the Charity and all its activities.

Watch out for regular mini-updates, photos etc. of all that the Charity does in pursuit of the Vision of community.

Social Media

Early in 2021 we started new HOD social media channels:

HOD YouTube channel

HOD has a new YouTube channel

We will be starting to share content from the community and the speakers who have been blessing us in lockdown during virtual Zoom meetings. 

Please subscribe to our channel to follow us…  You’ll receive updates when we publish recordings of speaker talks.  One day we may do live broadcasts, God willing!

Please also share with anyone who may benefit from the talks and other resources we share.

HOD Twitter Account

We have also started a new Twitter account at 

Please subscribe to follow our Tweets…  We will be advertising upcoming events, meetings and sharing news.

God bless



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