Life in the Spirit Seminars 2021

Music for the Life in the Spirit Seminars run by the Diocese of Southwark

The Worship group helped prepare music for online Life in the Spirit seminars which were organised by the Diocese of Southwark over May and June 2020. 

The group prepared recorded music for most of the sessions, but joined the team for a preparation weekend, and for the prayer in week 4 for Baptism in the Spirit, led by Fr Pat Collins.  The seminars were attended by 150+ people in the diocese.

Autumn 2021 Life in the Spirit Seminars run by the Archdiocese of Birmingham

From September to November 2021 some of the Community is involved in helping to organise the Life in the Spirit Seminars being run in the Archdiocese of Birmingham as part of the Diocesan renewal program, in the core team, helping with worship and small groups  

For more on the worship ministry please see Young People / Schools

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