Photos from our 2023 Charity Supporters Day

In August 2023 we had a Supporters Day to update some of those who support our Charity with donations or volunteering.  

As well as thanking them for their support and prayers, we showed a presentation with photos from the Charity’s activities in 2023 (and a few photos from 2022 as well).

We thought we would like to share these photos with a wider audience, to update you about these activities, and to thank all our supporters.  Please see our Charity, Supporters, or Donation page if you would also like to help in any way you can.

 A cold start to 2023…

Just for fun…  Our beautiful gardens in the very cold Spring of 2023…

The Retreat Centre and Gardens…

Fellowship meetings and Speakers

In 2023 we the speakers at our Friday Fellowship meetings and for Gateway 2023 included Fr Columba Jordan CFR, Allegra Mutanda, Jamie Price, Matt Blair and Dr Chloe Lynch.

Our Craft Studio

Some of our produce, and some activities taking place in our Craft Studio

Mission and Outreach


Searching for ways to live sustainably as part of our commitment to the Gospel

Restoring a Hut in our Garden

A project to restore a garden hut with help from some of our Volunteers

Visitors this year


Some of the wonderful Volunteers who help on our Gardens and land

Young People

Some of our young visitors for Gateway 2022 and the Discipleship Course 2023

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