Prayer in Community

“My House will be called a house of prayer for all nations…”
(Mark 11 v 17)

Prayer is a central part of our Vision in community, and underpins our Community life together and our work, activities and outreach.

The community meets daily for prayer in our Chapel.

Pray with us

We invite those staying with us or living nearby to take part in prayer and teaching in a number of ways.  

There are many opportunities to come to joint prayer and praise meetings at HOD Community, for instance through HOD Friday Night Fellowship Meetings or HOD Men’s days. 

For more details see our Calendar of Events and the Events section of the website.

Prayer Outreach

In addition to these we offer the following ways of taking part in prayer, retreats and intercession – for more see the Outreach section:

Prayer Retreats

The community offers prayer ministry through retreats and individual prayer ministry: Personal led retreat Small Group retreats One to One prayer ...