Who we are


Childswickham, a small village in the Cotswolds, in the heart of England, is the place where the hub of the House of the Open door Community can be found.

Childswickham House with its many attached buildings on 60 acres of land is the home of all the members of the community including those who live with their families in their own homes nearby. The shared lifestyle of the community finds expression as the approximately 20 members share their homes, possessions, and join together for meals.

The community is a mixture of residential and non-residential; different Christian traditions; different nationalities; different ages; a mixture of families, married, and single…  all called together to be a unique expression of the Kingdom of God.

We share a radical and lively faith in Jesus as our Saviour and Lord finding the deepest and most exciting basis for our community life in our times of prophetic praise and worship together.

“Behold I have set before you an open door which no-one can shut…”
Revelation 3 v 8

By the sharing of our natural and spiritual gifts through the release of the Holy Spirit, different charisms have developed among us, gifts of evangelism, worship, hospitality and various other ministries and outreach.

It is also the spiritual home of hundreds who have been a part of us over the years.