The Discipleship Community

In the Discipleship Community we offer young people aged 18 to 30 the opportunity to come and share in the challenge and the wonder of our way of life together. 

Serving the Lord in a residential community is a challenging and wonderful way of life! 

¨ The challenge is to get along  with and grow to love the people God has given you to live with.

¨ The wonder is that as you draw  closer to Jesus you find He gives daily grace beyond imagining to love and serve Him in the people He brings into your life.

Whilst these challenges and wonders are part of every Christian’s calling, living in community is like being in a “spiritual greenhouse” that encourages growth in a safe and fertile environment.

Our life at HOD can get busy with running our retreat centre where Christians from all traditions come to have time out with God.  However, it is important to us that what we do flows from communal and private prayer and worship, and a love of God’s Word.  Living an ordinary life together is also important as we share the everyday things of life—meals, work and relaxation.

Times and seasons:webpaddock

The Discipleship Community (DC) runs from January until December.  It is possible to come for a minimum of one month up to one year.  The DC is based in The Paddock, separate to Community accommodation so that you form your own community within HOD. Most meals are taken with HOD and you would join us in various prayer times and larger meetings.  Our worship is charismatic in nature, and we are an ecumenical community so we welcome applicants from all Christian traditions. However, many of us are Roman Catholic so we have regular Eucharist services and weekly mass in our Chapel for those who wish.  During the day you would join us in our daily work routine: looking after guests and the Retreat House, gardening, pottery, cooking, and more …!  You would also have a “one-to-one”, a member of community to regularly touch base with.  And yes, you do get free time –most evenings and day off on Monday!

Within this time-frame there are two special seasons:

Ash Wednesday to Pentecost  During this time we offer sessions involving teaching, Bible study, and other creative or meditative ways to encourage us in our journey through Lent and Easter towards  Pentecost.  Anyone wishing to join in this season will need to be with us by Ash Wednesday and commit to stay until Pentecost.

The Summer Season—June, July and August 

Over the summer we have extra young people joining the DC for a minimum of one month.  In addition to the normal routine we offer creative workshops and arrange regular outings to interesting and beautiful places.



Practical things


If English is not your first language, you must be able to communicate and understand English. If you can’t, get some good lessons quickly! Unfortunately we cannot provide translators for teaching sessions or communal prayer times.


If you are interested, and are between 18 and 3o years of age, please contact us for more details and an application form: