“Father Heart of God” conference, led by Robert and Vicki de Hoxar

5th September 2022 – 9th September 2022 all-day

‘We have been fathered by God himself. We have come into an intimate experience with God’s love and trust in the love that he has for us’. 1 John 5:1 & 4:16.
(The Passion Translation)

A week long conference at HOD on the theme of the “Father Heart of God”.  Full conference program TBC

Who are Robert and Vicki?

Robert and Vicki de Hoxar

Robert and Vicki de Hoxar

Robert and Vicki de Hoxar live on the Wirral with their younger daughter and her family. In 1999, Robert left a career in business and Vicki stopped being a GP to follow God’s calling on their lives. They first encountered the message of Father’s love in 2005. Robert was excited to find something that made sense of his faith and was practically useful. Vicki was delighted to experience the love of Father God; she felt that she had come home and found where she belonged. After this they became part of a team spreading the message in various European countries. For the last 13 years they have led Father Heart courses mostly in Slovakia, but also in Czech Republic, Poland and Ukraine. 


We know that God is love but we don’t necessarily think of him as our real Father (Matthew 24:9). Nor do we think that he desires a close relationship with us just as we are. He is not like anyone else that we have known because his love is perfect. When we believe in our hearts that we are loved perfectly by God himself, then it changes our experience of life. The love, joy and peace that we have always wanted, but failed to fully find, becomes ours to keep forever. This sounds a bold claim, yet we have heard thousands of testimonies to support it. 

What happens during the seminar?

The teaching and ministry during the Father Heart seminar help guests receive a personal experience of Father’s love. Many Christians have a good relationship with Jesus and the Holy Spirt but not with Father. When this is resolved they become children of God with a loving Father. They experience His protection, provision and become secure in their identity as His beloved children. People are also helped to communicate with Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit internally; through their thoughts, feelings, imagination and desires. In this way people develop personal spiritual relationships based on trust, openness and communication.

Those who receive Father’s love often become life givers in their relationships. People may turn away from intended divorces, become reconciled with their estranged family members, understand and forgive those who have hurt them, or even find freedom from anxiety, depression or other mental health issues. Others simply find increasing measures of peace and happiness in their lives. Our faith really does have the answers to many of the problems that people face in the world. 

Booking for the Conference

Details of the conference are TBC, but please Contact Us to book or with any enquiries.


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