Creative Journaling Day

8th November 2017 @ 10:00 am – 3:30 pm

Creative Journaling Day
Why and how to keep a spiritual journal

What is the day about?

Throughout the centuries people have used what today we call journaling to help them reflect on their own faith journey. Keeping a journal is different to keeping a diary. Unlike a diary, which records what has gone on in the past, a journal helps us see what God is saying to us now.
During this day we will explore how powerful this tool can be and the different creative ways we can keep a journal. Being creative does not mean that you have to be good at art! We are all different and the way we compile our journal will be unique to each one of us. Participants will be encouraged to use whatever way suits them best. Some people like to keep their journal using words alone, either in prose or in poetry or in note form. Others like to incorporate something visual, .either collected from other sources or to create their own. Some like their journal to be organised, others prefer randomness. Throughout the day there will be opportunities to explore these and many other aspects of keeping a journal.
As journaling is about reflecting on our experience and what God is doing for us, the day will encourage those who come to create and keep a journal “for real” during the time we are together. We will therefore have time for personal reflection. It is out of these short times of quiet with God that we will work on our journal using lots of different techniques and ways so that we can keep the journal going back home if we wish.

What will happen during the day?   

The two morning sessions will look at:

  • Why keep a spiritual journal?
  • Journalling – where we are now on our faith journey and where we have come from.  

In the afternoon the two sessions will concentrate on:

  • Journalling our relationship with the Lord today.
  • Journalling what God asks us to become and do.

You will not be asked to show or share anything you do during the day with anyone else.

Who can come?  

Anyone! No previous journaling experience is necessary. All that is needed is a willingness to be open and to explore how our creativity can be a vehicle through which God can speak to us and we can listen to God.What should I bring with me?  
Everything you will need will be provided but if you have favourite pictures, photos, poems or prayers that mean something special to you bring them along, You may or may not use them.

Who will lead it?

Christine Dodd

Christine is a trained spiritual director and experienced retreat giver and the author of several books on spirituality and scripture.
For many years Christine was Director for Adult Formation in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Hallam, which is centred on Sheffield. Her work involved her in helping adults discover more about their faith and spirituality within parishes, the diocese and nationally.

How do I book?

Please see Contact Us to get in touch to book your place.

The day will be from 10am – 4pm, and the suggested contribution is £25 per person, which will include refreshments and lunch.


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