May Fellowship Friday – Jason Charewicz

10th May 2024 @ 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm

On Friday May 10 2024 our Friday Night Fellowship Meeting speaker will be Jason Charewicz. Jason will speak on the theme ‘Pleasure and Joy.’

Pleasure and Joy are familiar concepts to all of us. But familiarity can lead us to take things for granted, and our – perfectly natural – tendency sometimes to use the two as synonyms can obscure the differences and, at first glance strangely, to experience less of both. Drawing on inspiration primarily from CS Lewis and Aristotle, this talk will explore what pleasure and joy are, how the digital age in which we live can hinder or enhance them and provide a few practical suggestions for how we might better pursue them.

Jason Charewicz is the Caritas and Environment Officer for Clifton Diocese, supporting parishes and pastoral areas in mission-oriented formation as well as the Diocesan Jubilee Coordinator. He has led pilgrimages to Flame and to World Youth Day as well. Faith and Formation | Clifton Diocese

Our fellowship meeting will be in the Tithe Barn at HOD for those who live locally.  All welcome.

We sometimes post recordings of our Friday night speakers afterwards on our YouTube channel.

See the Calendar of Events for Friday night speakers on other dates.



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