HOD Charity Project: The Samaritan’s Inn Fund

Would you like to help someone in need have a holiday at HOD?

“The next day the Samaritan took out two denarii and handed them to the inn-keeper and said “Look after him”.” (Luke 10:35)

The Samaritan’s Inn Fund has been set up so that we can help those who need a break but can’t afford it.

Jim’s Story

The inspiration for this came after a friend was looking for a safe place for a recovering alcoholic, let’s call him Jim, to have some time out. Jim was temporarily homeless as the Council were cleaning out his flat and he realised he couldn’t stay at the local hostel as there would be too much temptation there for him. Our friend contributed to the cost for Jim’s week-long stay. Jim stayed here like any other guest, enjoying the surroundings and the countryside, being treated to our guest food and chatting here and there to Community members.

When he returned to his flat, Jim wrote to us: “I arrived at Childswickham feeling physically ill, emotionally broken and spiritually bereft. … I left you with my faith restored, my spirits high, and nothing that has happened since has contradicted my belief that some kind of Epiphany occurred when I was staying with you all. … The Open Door is where God took me to remind me how much He loves me.”

gardenroseyellowwhiteWould you like to help? We would like to offer this kind of gift to others in need. Would you like to contribute to a special fund to cover such cases? The criteria for those who will benefit are:

+ They are recommended by a trusted source who can guarantee genuine need

+ All needs would be considered: cases like Jim’s; those trapped in difficult or violent situations; families unable to afford a holiday; people suffering bereavement; those needing to get out of their normal circumstances for a pampering pick-me-up who would otherwise never get it; etc, etc, etc!

If you would like to help in this way, please send your contribution with a note to say it’s for this Fund – see the Contact Us section.

Thank you! (Cheques payable to House of the Open Door. )