Coronavirus (COVID-19) and your safety

Our community’s priority is to offer you a safe and blessed stay.  We describe here the measures we have put in place for your protection when using our accommodation and facilities.

We will be following the latest COVID-19 advice and guidelines from the government and the NHS.  We will also update our Facebook page with any major changes to what we can offer.

We have provided the guidance below for you for your stay and we are on hand if you have any additional questions.

Booking to stay with us

We are able to accept bookings again for The Retreat Centre.  We invite you to please contact us to book or with enquiries or concerns.

During your stay

Safer Stays

Please bring with you all necessary food items for self-catering, in line with government guidance.

We will provide cleaning products but please bring hand sanitiser to allow you to take the necessary hand-washing and cleaning precautions during your stay. Please follow NHS  guidelines regarding hand washing, particularly when entering and leaving the accommodation.

We would kindly request that on the morning you leave, please help us by stripping and bagging any used bedding, towels and other laundry items in the laundry/black bags provided in your room, with as little shaking of the items as possible.


What to do if developing COVID-19 symptoms before the start of the holiday, whilst on holiday or subsequently:

  • If you develop or a member of your party develops symptoms prior to your stay, please follow the latest NHS guidance in this respect and not travel under any circumstances. Please contact us to let us know.
  • If you develop or a member of your party develops symptoms during your stay please tell us immediately.
  • Similarly, if you develop or a member of your party develops symptoms within 14 days of your stay and a test confirms infection please let us know immediately to allow the necessary measures to be taken.


Government advice

To help us keep all our guests and the community safe, we ask that guests coming are aware of and keep to government guidelines. Up to date information and advice regarding COVID-19 can be found on the GOV.UK and NHS websites. In particular please read and familiarise yourself with the following: and or

Thank you.