Discipleship Course 2022

In 2022 the Discipleship Course at the House of the Open Door community runs from 21st March to 31st August.  This year’s theme is “Ready, Steady, Go…” 

  • Get READY to welcome God and his blessing on your life…
  • Get STEADY walking with Him…
  • Get up and GO to share Him, with Good News for the world…!


The activities of the course will be spread from March to August, but the theme and teaching will vary over that time.

Come for all or part of the 5 months between March and August.  When planning your dates, remember

Please get in touch if you are unsure when to come.


Join the course for a time centred on Christ, open to grow in following Him.  There will be opportunities for prayer, fellowship, experience of community, teaching, service and mission:

  • Christian Teaching for the course will be within community and from invited speakers – for events already planned during the course, see our Calendar of Events.  Community is ecumenical so the course is open to all Christians,  Many (but not all) of those teaching will come from a Catholic background, with experience of Catholic Charismatic Renewal. 
  • Join in Prayer, praise and worship with other disciples, the community and our fellowship, friends and volunteers; plus individual time to be still with God, and pray through all you are learning.   
  • Join community members, and our wonderful supporters and volunteers in serving in a practical way, with work times supporting our daily life and the running of the course – in our Retreat Centre Gardens, farmland, kitchen and accommodation.  
  • Training in practical Evangelism before a time of Mission.
  • Relaxation will include time with other disciples and the community at different times, including trips out into the wonderful area in which we live.   

How much?

Please discuss making a contribution towards your costs when you apply to come – but don’t let lack of finance stop you!

Interested?   Come follow!

If you are interested, and are between 18 and 30 years of age, please contact us for more details and an application form, by emailing discipleship@houseoftheopendoor.org.

If you know anyone else who might be interested, please also share this page with them or forward this printable PDF